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Corpus nummorum italicorum

The greatest passion of Victor Emmanuel III, King of Italy was coin collecting, his collection exceeded 100,000 coins. Dating from the fall of the Roman Empire in the West to the Unification of Italy, it encompassed the issues of Italian mints both in Italy and abroad.

He proposed the Italian Numismatic Societyto to write a corpus of Italian coins in 1897.

The first Volume was ready in 1910 and the last (Volume 20) in 1943.

The Corpus Nummorum Italicorum is the most extensive and comprehensive work ever written on the coinage of a single country. 20 Volumes, 11,144 pages of text and 679 plates.

. Clain-Stefanelli 10186*: "A basic reference on the Italian coinage from the Middle Ages up to 1900." Grierson 160: "A huge descriptive work, built around the collection of King Victor Emmanuel.”

Corpus nummorum italicorum

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