Mattingly & Sydenham: Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), Volume I, Augustus to Vitellius, 1972
  • Mattingly & Sydenham: Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), Volume I, Augustus to Vitellius, 1972

Mattingly & Sydenham: Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC), Volume I, Augustus to Vitellius, 1972


Harold Mattingly & Edward A. Sydenham

The Roman Imperial Coinage (RIC),

Volume I, Revised Edition

Augustus to Vitellius, 31 BC-AD 69

Spink & Son Ltd., London, 1972. Hardcover. 279 p., 16 plates.

For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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About RIC Series:
ROMAN IMPERIAL COINAGE (RIC): This is the standard references for the Roman coinage covering the entire spectrum of the coinage in a logical and scientific manner. Each are large volumes describing EVERY coin-type that was minted, with nearly all of the major types illustrated. The knowledge obtained just by reading the introductions alone are well worth their price.

Vol. I. Augustus to Vitellius
Vol. II. Vespasian - Hadrian.
Vol. III. Antoninus Pius - Commodus.
Vol. IV. Pertinax - Uranius Antoninus. Three parts in 1 volume
Vol. V. Two volume set - Vol. V, part 1. Valerian - Florian; Vol. V, part 2. Probus - Amandus
Vol. VI. Diocletian - Maximinus
Vol. VII. Constantine - Licinius
Vol. VIII. Family of Constantine
Vol. IX. Valentinian - Theodosius I
Vol. X. Honorius and Arcadius - Romulus Augustus

For sale here Volume I only!

Dr CHV Sutherland was for many years Keeper of the Heberden Coin Room in the Ashmolean Museum, with a special interest in the Julio-Claudian emperors and their coinage from 31 BC to AD 69. From 1939 he was co-editor and part-author of Roman Imperial Coinage, successively, with Harold Mattingly and EA Sydenham, and with RAG Carson, devoting years to the fundamental revision and rewriting of Mattingley and Sydenhams original Volume I (1923) of the series, published in 1984. Sutherlands revised Volume I has been out of print now for some years, but his study of the Julio-Claudian coinage, being the formative period of the long imperial series, is made newly available by Spink in this handsome reprint. The standard reference work for Roman Imperial coinage from Augustus to Vitellius.

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