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    Bedoukian, Paul Z. Medieval Armenian Coins Reprinted from: Revue des Etudes Armeniennes, Paris. 1971. Softcover, 69 p., 8 plates, Illustrated in the text with good line drawings. English text.  Out of print and hard to find. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Elvira, E. Clain-Stefanelli Numismatic Bibliography München, Battenberg-Verlag, 1985. Second edition. 1848 pages, 18.311 listings of numismatic books, 6 indexes of periods, numatists, Collections, objects. By far the most comprehensive modern numismatic bibliography. (Kolbe) For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Edhem, Ismail Galip Catalogue des monnaies turcomanes Beni Ortok, Beni Zengui, Frou Atabeqyéh et Meliks Eyoubites de Meiyafarikin: Musée impérial ottoman. Section des monnaies musulmanes (French Edition)      Arnaldo Forni Editore, Bologna, 1965. Softcover, 21x14,7 cm., XVII, 175 p., 8 plates. Limited edition of 200. For Condition, Index, and more...

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    Ölcer, Cüneyt Sultan Abdülaziz Han devri Osmanli madeni paralari.= Ottoman coinage during the reign of Sultan Abdülaziz Han. Istanbul: Yenilik Basimevi, 1979. Soft cover. 24 x 17 cm. In Turkish and English(48 P.). 144, 29 p., numerous 6 b/w plts. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Rogers, Edward Thomas The Coins of the Tuluni Dynasty Malter-Westerfield Publishing Co., San Diego CA.. Softcover 21 p. 1 plate + extra article on mint of Balis. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Schaendlinger, Anton C Osmanische Numismatik. Von den Anfängen des Osmanischen Reiches bis zu seiner Auflösung 1922 Handbücher der mittelasiatischen numismatik, band III           German text. Verlag klinkhardt & biermann, Braunschweig. First Edition hardcover. 1973. IX, 178 p. 17 plates. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Hans Wilski A new table of countermarks (Supplement to the reference of Hans Wilski: Countermarks on Ottoman coins 1995) Verlag Donata Kinzelbach, Mainz. 2002. Hardcover, VIII, 136 p, 10 Plates and illustrations in text . Language English. Signed and dedicated to A.G. van der Dussen

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items