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Most important sales of Celtic coins (celt).  As mentioned in Spring Ancient coin auction catalogues 1880-1980. 

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    Beek, van E.J.A. (redactie) ENCYCLOPEDIE VAN MUNTEN EN BANKBILJETTEN Houten 1986 [2002]. Drie ringbanden, duizenden pagina's informatie en illustraties volgens het traditionele A - Z-systeem. Het naslagwerk over munten en bankbiljetten verscheen in losse afleveringen gedurende de periode 1986-2002. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Adolph HESS A.G./Bank LEU (at Luzern) 24, 16th April 1964. Antike Münzen Kelten, Griechen, Romer, Byzantiner aus bedeutenden öffentlichen und privaten Sammlungen. . Softcover, 64 p., 475 lots all illustrated on 19 plates of which one is a frontispiece enlargement plate, complete numbered list of previous sales, bibliography. Estimated price list.

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    Spring J. Ancient Coin Auction Catalogues, 1880-1980. Spink, London 2009. Hardcover, 374pp. English. NEWThe reference on Classical coin catalogues. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items