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    Beek, van E.J.A. (redactie) ENCYCLOPEDIE VAN MUNTEN EN BANKBILJETTEN Houten 1986 [2002]. Drie ringbanden, duizenden pagina's informatie en illustraties volgens het traditionele A - Z-systeem. Het naslagwerk over munten en bankbiljetten verscheen in losse afleveringen gedurende de periode 1986-2002. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Hess AG, Adolph, Luzern, with Bank Leu & Co. AG, Zurich. Luzern 24th March 1959. Antike Münzen. Griechische, römische und byzantinische Münzen. 444 lots, 56 pages, 16 plates. Estimated Prices  list. 4to,             Spring 352. For Condition, Index, and more details see photos.

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    Adolph HESS A.G./Bank LEU (at Luzern) 28, 5th-6th May 1965. Antike Münzen. Griechen, Romer, Byzantiner. Softcover 75 p. 606 lots all illustrated on 28 plates, Bibliography, tabular cataloguing, some historical cataloguing in the Greek section. Spring 359, A.N.S. Ist supplement p. 813. Important sale of better Greek, Roman and Byzantine coins.

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    Jacques Schulman. The Hague. Auction # 204. 1938-05-31. Softcover, 32 pp. 598 lots, 9 plates. E.P. list.  Spring 701  Collection of Greek, Roman & Byzantine Coins

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    The Brand Collection: Part 1, Roman and European Coins; Part 2, Swiss Coins; Part 3, Greek and Roman Coins; Part 4, Russian and Polish Coins; Part 5, Greek and Roman Coins; Part 6, Coins of the Netherlands; Part 7, Ancient Coins; Part 8, Swiss, Austrian and German Coins; Part 9, Colonial and Indian Coins; Part 10, Classical and Modern Coins and Medals,

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